Why the Lorne Festival of Performing Arts (FOPA) is Worth the Visit?

Why the Lorne Festival of Performing Arts (FOPA) is Worth the Visit?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 06/21/2019

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Get inspired at Lorne’s vibrant theatre of performing arts!

The Great Ocean Road; burrowed a couple of hours from the bustling city of Melbourne and sitting right along the wild waves of the coastal sea. It is a wonderland of jagged clifftops, sprawling beaches, and charming towns. Located in the heart of the winding Great Ocean Road, sits the small town of Lorne. Nestled between Loutit Bay and the Otway National Park, Lorne is undoubtedly one of the most popular stops along the coast. With a swarm of friendly locals more than happy to welcome any passing road trippers. It is a town where the bush meets the beach, with golden sands and lush wildlife scattered about. Many Melbournians pack up their belongings and set off for a summer at the beach. Enjoying plenty of beach room, perfect surfable waves, local cafes, and lively restaurants and bars. Lorne is your home away from home for any kind of visitor.

One of the best times to visit this beach town is during one of their annual festivals. One worth the visit is the Lorne Festival of Performing Arts, also known as FOPA. The backdrop of sea, shops, and sand create an enchanting atmosphere where the series of melodies and music ring out beautifully during the three-day-long event.

About the Lorne Festival of Performing Arts (FOPA)

Running from the 29th of August until the 1st of September, the Lorne festival runs for three days and three nights, showcasing the stunning talent of music in Australia. The streets come alive, hosting an array of events that host legendary artist, performers, and musical shows. Some of the most noteworthy acts include cabaret, circus, theatre, comedy, visual art and of course musicians. As well as the scheduled acts, there will be a number of free experiences and performances laid out on the streets for all to enjoy. Each year estimates over 4000 people expected to join in on the activities, bathing in the lights and magic of the festival. Giving you the perfect activity on your journey along the Great Ocean Road.

What you can do/see there

  • Opening Gala

    Held at the Cumberland Resort in Loutitt Bay Room, the opening act starts off with a bang at 7:30pm on Friday the 31st of August. Here you can experience all the greatest highlights of the festival, with a taste of music, magic, comedy, and cabaret. Even if you can’t stay for long in Lorne, this is the best to see all its greatest hits.

  • Acts of Absurdity

    A blend of circus and comedy, the Acts of Absurdity guarantees a gasp and a laugh or two!  From morsels of magic, gymnast performers, swarms of clowns, and fantastic music to go with it. Suited for ages 6 and up, get the family and head to the Lorne Hotel mid-morning for a truly unforgettable experience.

  • FOPA Open Mic

    You can become apart from the festival yourself! Simply sign up for FOPA’s open mic, letting you sing, laugh, or stutter your way through your performance. As it’s at the Lorne Hotel, you can grab a few drinks beforehand to work up the courage.

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