Wildlife Spotting at the Otway Ranges

Wildlife Spotting at the Otway Ranges

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/27/2018

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Immerse yourself in the lush greenery of the Otways and discover the unique flora and fauna inside!

The Otway Ranges form a picturesque part of the Great Otway National Park on the Great Ocean Road in Southern Victoria. Covering both wild coastline, pristine beaches, and soaring mountains, the area is a haven for outdoor lovers. Keep your eyes peeled for pretty waterfalls that are tucked away behind lush greenery, and wander along boardwalks that weave through the canopies of the rainforest.

The diverse environment makes the Otway Ranges the perfect home for many native species, and wildlife spotting is a firm favourite activity amongst visitors who find themselves in the region.

Wildlife You Can See in the Otway Ranges:

  • 1. Koalas

    Australia’s cuddly bear calls the ancient trees of the Otway Ranges home, and you don’t have to look far to see one. Don’t forget to look up if you want to spot one of these cute critters in their natural habitat, and be sure to check all nooks of trees as these form their favourite place to snooze. For best koala-spotting results, head to Kennett River or Cape Otway.

  • 2. Whales

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Otway Ranges are also home to migrating whales between June and October. The rugged coastline hosts the perfect conditions for these magnificent beasts, and you can get a great vantage point from the cliffs that flank the ocean.

  • 3. Platypus

    The platypus is one of Australia’s most elusive creatures, but it can be found in the depths of the Otway Ranges if you look hard enough. Keep your eyes peeled on the banks of rivers and lakes, and don’t miss out on any fallen trees or burrows on muddy shorelines, as these are their favourite places to hide. When around water, look out for ripples on the surface and head to Lake Elizabeth for the best luck.

  • 4. Glow Worms

    One of the most unique creatures found in the Otway’s greenery, lives in the damp, cool banks of Melba Gully. Visit the region after dusk settles across the bushland and marvel as the worms hang like fairy lights in the greenery.

  • 5. Birdlife

    As well as these three popular creatures, there are plenty of other wildlife spotting opportunities in the Otway Ranges. When it comes to birds, visitors to the Otway Ranges are spoilt for choice: the colourful plumes and memorable tunes of the Superb Fairy Wrens, Ground Thrushes, Yellow Robins, and Rufous Fantails can be seen and heard throughout the rainforest and beyond.

The Otway Ranges are a haven for animal lovers, and the thick canopies and diverse collection of habitats mean there is a great range of animals to spot.

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