What is there to do in Apollo Bay in the winter?

What is there to do in Apollo Bay in the winter?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/25/2020

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Enjoy this picturesque coast beach town for your next adventure!

Nestled nearby the lush greenery of the Otways, Apollo Bay is one of the Great Ocean Road’s greatest towns to visit. Home to beautiful views, friendly locals, and incredible coastal activities, the town is the perfect stop along your way down the road. Either make it your base for the week, a weekend night getaway spot, or just a lunchtime stop, enjoying all the things that make Apollo Bay a great holiday destination.

  • Visit The Marriners Lookout

    For a truly stunning view of Victoria’s coast and seafront, head out of the centre town and stroll along the Marriners Lookout Road. The track-only takes a few minutes, taking you along the clifftops to the spectacular lookout spot worth the walk. Showcasing the town, harbour, and coast all at once! If you look carefully, you may even get the chance to see the famous ship of SS Casino that crashed in the shallow waters of the shore in 1932!

  • The Great Ocean Walk

    For those looking to discover the natural wonders this region has to offer, no way is greater than the Great Ocean Walk. The walk routes along the coast for 91 kilometres, starting from Apollo Bay and finishing up in Glenample Homestead. Walkers can enjoy views of the rugged coastline, as well as discovering the Otways National Park at the same time, with the walk having mini walks gutting out into the rainforest along the way. Whether you after a short walk or a long trek, this path is for you!

  • Enjoy the Seafood

    Due to its close quarters to the sea, it comes to no surprise that Apollo Bay is renowned for its seafood. Fresh fish is caught every day, with the local fisherman boast scattering the outer brinks of the ocean for a chance to grab the biggest catch. No matter what shop you choose to eat in, whether it be a tuck shop or a fancy restaurant, the seafood served is delicious. If you are looking for a stylish dinner with sea views, head to Chris’s at Beacon Point atop the coast’s cliffs. Otherwise, if you are after something more casual, you can even head to the local fish and chip shop and grab a dinner pack and set up camp on the soft sands of the main beach, watching the sunset beyond the ocean horizon.

  • Enjoy the Markets

    Shopping at Apollo Bay is great anytime you visit, but by far the best day is Saturdays. Due to the weekly market setting up shop for the day. Stalls that sell local produce, homemade goodies, and stunning art and crafts set up on the grassy foreshore of the town. Giving both visitors and locals the chance to grab the best goods in the region!

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