Which is better – Apollo Bay or Lorne?

Which is better – Apollo Bay or Lorne?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/20/2021

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The Great Ocean Road has some beautiful coastal towns, including Lorne and Apollo Bay.

When planning to travel the Great Ocean Road, there is really so many things to see. From the coastal towns to rock formations and the range of wildlife. But with many different coastal towns, especially the more popular ones like Apollo and Lorne, it can be hard to decide which is better.

Both Apollo Bay and Lorne are unique in their own ways, making it hard to form an opinion on which is better. It’s safe to say both towns are great places to explore when travelling along the Great Ocean Road. However, depending on what you prefer, one town may be a better fit for you than the other!

Let’s get into which seaside town is best for you to visit!

Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay, Great Ocean Road

Apollo Bay is a gorgeous, quaint seaside town along the Great Ocean Road. From Melbourne, it is around a three hour drive. This charming town boasts lovely cafes and restaurants serving up some delicious produce, super friendly locals, and absolutely beautiful views of the ocean.

Keep an eye out for some gorgeous wildlife as well, as it is not uncommon to see them everywhere you go.

Gorgeous scenery

A lush, beautiful rainforest on one side and rugged coastline on the other, Apollo Bay’s landscapes is the perfect destination for activities. You can try your hand at swimming, surfing, diving, fishing, hiking, ziplining, and so much more. You can even do some surfing lessons and discover the thrill of it all.

Small rural town vibes

Not only is the ocean and rainforest a huge attraction to Apollo Bay, but there is also plenty to do in the town itself. The main street is lined with galleries, gift shops, restaurants, and café’s that are certainly worth a look at. Check out the Saturday foreshore market in Apollo Bay for an abundance of arts and crafts, fresh produce, and unique gifts.

Enjoy a romantic weekend getaway

Apollo Bay is a stunning town to spend a weekend away with your partner. Spend the weekend tucked up in one of the Chocolate Gannets Luxury villas with beach views. Perhaps one of the most romantic parts about the villa is enjoying a glass of sparkles while in the large double spa with ocean views.



Lorne is larger than Apollo Bay and is more of an entertaining holiday destination. The town has several resorts and main streets lined with shopping, pubs, restaurants, and much more.

Arts and culture

Lorne has a number of venues and is great for a party, so if that sounds like you, head down towards Lorne. If you are into art, you can spend a day walking through and see the unique QDOS Fine Arts for some magnificent exhibitions and artworks.

Spend a day chasing waterfalls

Lorne is known for its wide range of stunning waterfalls, with more than 10 of them within 10 kilometres of the town itself.

With a few waterfalls to choose from, the most popular are Erskine Falls, Upper and Lower Kalimna Falls, Henderson Falls, Phantom Falls, Sheoak Falls, and the Cora Lynn Cascades.

Surrounded by lush rainforest and pristine beaches

Similar to Apollo Bay and many other towns along the Great Ocean Road, they are generally located between rainforest and ocean. Lorne is situated between Loutit Bay and the Otway National Park and home to a variety of diverse landscapes and ecosystems.

Whether you choose Apollo Bay or Lorne, without a doubt you will be having a great time checking out either town. Or why not both? Take a few days to explore the Great Ocean Road and stop by Apollo Bay and Lorne.

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